Winning new clients' trust is hard work.


reputation management for the new economy

As a freelancer or someone in the sharing economy, your reputation is your most important asset.

Gain trust with new clients and communities quickly by using your existing online networks as proof points.

New clients want to understand whether you can be trusted to deliver critical work for their project. You need to convince them quickly that you are more reliable than anyone else. Our simple and free mobile app allows you to create and share proof of your reputation and the trust you have in your existing social networks and marketplaces.

Monitor and track your reputation

Free tools to improve and share

legal and insurance add-on services

(paid subscription)


Get started in just a couple of minutes.


Take control

Connect your social media and sharing economy platforms to monitor every aspect of your online reputation

Share with new clients

Share a 1-click metric with new clients to prove that you can deliver their work

Independent proof

New clients trust the opinions of your existing clients.


We take your privacy seriously. All of your data is held securely in our EU data centre.

legal advice

If things go wrong with a client we offer you telephone advice to try to help sort things out.


Sometimes things go wrong and they can't be fixed. We can cover you against the risk of not delivering work or having your laptop stolen.


Our basic application will always be free. Your trust in us extremely important. Execept when you ask us to provide insurance, we never share your data with anyone other than you.
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